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Lost domain: scammers have found a way to intercept websites of recognizable brands

February, 2023

ScanFactory's Founder, Vladimir Ivanov, explained to Izvestia, how Large Russian companies, including top 30 banks, mobile operators and online retailers, have abandoned about 5,000 domains. Most often, these are pages of temporary special projects and promotions that are created using third-party website builders. People trust such sites because they see familiar names in the address bar and take them for official ones.

Gartner called EASM a trend of 2023: why it is also relevant for Russia

March, 2023

ScanFactory's Founder, Vladimir Ivanov, talk about the reasons for the EASM solutions for Russia and why Gartner called EASM a trend for the next 5-10 years.

Introducing Web3— An Arrogant & Treacherous Successor Doomed to Fail

November, 2022

ScanFactory's Strategist, Ayush Singh, tells how Web3 is too delusional, untrustworthy and dangerous to survive in the present ecosystem and why allowing it to grow at current pace (in terms of both money & influence) will only increase the number of catastrophic & unavoidable failures — ones that can't be reversed.

Subdomain Takeovers, 0Day Exploits for CVEs, Perceptual Analysis.... A Methodology for conducting Vulnerability Assessments at Scale

October, 2022

ScanFactory's Strategist, Ayush Singh, tells how we at ScanFactory, have managed to report at least 10+ critical vulnerabilities to every client of ours & how anyone else can utilize our methodology to conduct Vulnerability Assessments at a larger scale.

A Conceptual Introduction to Automating Bug Bounties

September, 2021

ScanFactory's Strategist, Ayush Singh, writes about Crowdsourced Security while sharing how ARPSyndicate can help the crowd in utilizing their time efficiently by automating enumeration of attack surface & scan for low-hanging vulnerabilities. He also points out the limitations of current security solutions & how we are better than them.

Startups in Information Security

June, 2021

ScanFactory's Founder, Vladimir Ivanov, & Co-Founder, Anatoly Ivanov got featured on Mimocrocodile Podcast & discussed the motivation around building ScanFactory.

Startup Stories with Scaleway

February, 2021

ScanFactory's Founder, Vladimir Ivanov, got featured on Startup Stories Podcast & discussed how ScanFactory scans web infrastructure for critical vulnerabilites & how our early-stage startup is different & better from the global industry leaders.

Pentest conveyor - A Brief Overview of ScanFactory

November, 2020

ScanFactory got featured in Hacker Magazine where authors discussed the intuitive methodlogy behind ScanFactory, its early architecture & how we are better than our competitiors.