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Nextcloud Server is the file server software for Nextcloud, a self-hosted productivity platform, and Nextcloud Enterprise Server is the enterprise version of the file server software. In Nextcloud Server versions 25.0.x prior to 25.0.5 and versions 24.0.x prior to 24.0.10 as well as Nextcloud Enterprise Server versions 25.0.x prior to 25.0.4, 24.0.x prior to 24.0.10, 23.0.x prior to, 22.x prior to, and 21.x prior to, when an attacker gets access to an already logged in user session they can then brute force the password on the confirmation endpoint. Nextcloud Server should upgraded to 24.0.10 or 25.0.4 and Nextcloud Enterprise Server should upgraded to,,, 24.0.10, or 25.0.4 to receive a patch. No known workarounds are available.